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AxMoney is the Money Exchange Software System build to suite the exact requirement of Money Changers. It is a revolutionary Money Exchange software product designed as a strategic business management tool for companies providing foreign currency financial services. This Software is the result of years of research and development in collaboration with accountants, Auditing Firms and currency exchange businesses as well as feedback from our valuable corporate clients.

Powerful - Easy to Use

AxMoney has been developed with user-comfort in mind. All modules are designed around a consistent user-interface. Therefore as you get familiar with one module, you have familiarized yourself with other modules as well. You can be up and running with only a couple of hours of training and take additional training only when needed.

Control - Your Operation

Advanced User Privilege Setup is one of many powerful features of AxMoney Software System. Management can authorize or forbid employees from accessing and / or modifying specific forms and information. Administrators have granular control over detailed privileges of each employee. This feature greatly enhances the internal security of your business. An automatic log file records all activities carried out on the system, such as: nature of the transaction, date, time, and the name of the entity who conducted the activity.

Accounting - The Challenge

Whether you are a small currency exchange outlet or you run a wholesale operation and manage forward contracts, you need a system which can track your accounts, positions, inventory and other accounts in a centralized Database.
If you have been operating a foreign exchange business, you know that accounting is a very challenging and time consuming task. Most accounting packages on the market are not tailored to address the needs of foreign exchange businesses. AxMoney automatically takes care of the double-entry journal registry in the background.


We have dedicated numerous resources to take into account all new international compliance measures. We Provide update facilities to the compliancy features (reporting, record keeping, queries, rating, cross referencing) of Block list as per the new legislation or guidelines require by regulating bodies. Software will provide the Transaction Detail as per the Local Government Requirement.

Rate Panel Integration

We provide optional integration of Rates Panel which gets data from our system for display.

Multiple Branch Support

AxMoney Supports Multiple Branches (via Internet) with Centralized Data.


  • Buy Sell Transactions
  • Journal Entry
  • Credit Customer Maintenance
  • Currency Master
  • Currency Rate Variance Alert
  • Location Transfer
  • Location wise Stock List
  • Up to date Stock List
  • Transaction Detail Display
  • Currency Stock Display
  • Credit Customer Balance Display
  • Extended Transaction Search


  • Buy Sell Transaction Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Stock History
  • Currency Ledger
  • Credit Customer Ledger & Balance
  • Ledger Summary
  • All Transaction Reports
  • Volume Report
  • Profit and Loss Management Reports
  • Reports to Government Authorities


  • Account Master (Local & Foreign Currency)
  • Sub Account Master
  • Auto Posting of Exchange Gain/Loss For Remittance
  • Auto Posting of Exchange Gain/Loss For Money Changer
  • Journal Entry
  • Currency Purchase (Differ Currency Journal)
  • Account Ledger
  • Sub Ledger
  • Account Summary Reports
  • GL Balance on Type Segregation


Some of Our Customers using Money Exchange Software System...

  • International Exchange Co. (S) Pte. Ltd
  • Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co.
  • BKK Forex
  • Ameertech Remittance (3 Branches)
  • Exchange International Pte Ltd
  • EZ Money Express Sdn Bhd (Malaysia - 10 Branches)
  • Singapore Exchange (Hongkong)
  • Aussi Forex (Sydney)
  • International Remittance (New zealand, 4 - Branches)
  • Exchange & Finance Fiji (Pty) Ltd (Fiji, 18 - Branches)
  • Raffles Resources Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
  • RAFFLES FOREX PTY LTD (Melbourne - Australia)
  • Currency Corner (Melbourne - Australia)
  • Straits Foreign Exchange
  • EZ Money Express Sdn Bhd (Malaysia - 20 Branches)
  • Exchange & Finance Fiji (Pty) Ltd (Fiji - 30 Branches)