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AxRemiTT is an established and mature Remittance software package . It has already been successfully used by global remittance businesses, handling hundreds of agents worldwide. This Remittance Management Software System comes with optional integration of our Money Exchange Software and Accounts Module, is the ultimate Remittance Management Solution for your Remittance Enterprise.

Branch and agent management

Any number of branches, Agents and Banks can be created and Maintained for the Remittance Transaction network.

Customers (Applicant & Beneficiary) management

New customers can be created quickly and easily. Similarly, existing customers can be searched and managed using various search criteria.

Customer Risk Profile management and continuous Monitoring

Anti-money laundering compliance

AxRemiTT complies with many national anti-money laundering legislations. For example, unique customer IDs can be created and scanned images of documents can be stored in the system. Names can be checked against blacklists. New Blocklisted details can be entered.

Reliable and secure

This AxRemiTT Remittance Software System uses role-based logins for robust security and data protection. Users are assigned roles with an appropriate username and password. The level of access, and the tasks they can perform, depends on the role they have been assigned. For even greater security, each user role has different levels of ability. For example, Super Admins can perform any administrative function where as tellers can enter data but can't make changes like deleting transactions.

Multiple Branch Management

This AxRemiTT Remittance System Supports Multiple Branches (via Internet) with the Centralized Data.

Accounting - We Care

Whether you are a small currency exchange outlet or you run a wholesale operation and manage forward contracts, you need a system which can track your accounts, positions, inventory and other accounts in a centralized Database.
If you have been operating a foreign exchange business, you know that accounting is a very challenging and time consuming task. Most accounting packages on the market are not tailored to address the needs of foreign exchange businesses. AxMoney automatically takes care of the double-entry journal registry in the background.


  • Remittance Entry
  • Inward Remittance Entry
  • Remittance Type
  • Exchange Rates
  • Bank and its Branch Setup
  • Commissions and other Service charge setup
  • Remittance Amendments
  • Refund / Re-Purchase
  • Account Balance and Remittance Status Display


  • Remittance Reports
  • Various MIS Reports
  • Exchange Gain & Loss Report
  • Maintain the Pending Transaction
  • Printing of Receipt
  • Reports to Government Authorities
  • Funds Acceptance Summary
  • Funds Remitted Summary
  • Audit Reports


  • Account Master (Local & Foreign)
  • Sub Account Master
  • Auto Posting of Exchange Gain / Loss For Remittance
  • Auto Posting of Exchange Gain / Loss For Money Changer
  • Journal Entry
  • Currency Purchase (Differ Currency Journal)
  • Account Ledger
  • Sub Ledger
  • Audit Reports

AxRemitt Shall be hosted on Cloud (Optional)

Optional Integration

API integration with Banks/Agents

MyInfo Integration for Customer info

AxMobile Remittance

Axis – Remittance Mobile App helps Remittance Business to grow exponentially by increasing their customer base and reducing their teller effort by non-face to face transaction.
Customers can download the Mobile App in their Android or IPhone to do remittance and the transaction will be submitted with OTP for the security purpose.
  • Online Remittance
  • Beneficiary Creation
  • Remittance History
  • Exchange Rate
  • Services


Some of Our Customers using Remittance Software System...

  • International Exchange Co. (S) Pte. Ltd
  • Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co. Pte. Ltd
  • BTI Pesos Express (Hong Kong/Manila)
  • Metro Remittance Center
  • Everpeace Money Changer
  • International Remittance Pte Ltd
  • Ameertech Remittance (3 Branches)
  • RELIANZ FOREX LTD (New Zealand)
  • A-Express Remit Pte Ltd
  • Thaithanawat Song Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Exchange (Hongkong)
  • Aussi Forex (Sydney)
  • International Remittance (New zealand, 4 Branches)
  • Exchange & Finance Fiji (Pty) Ltd (Fiji, 18 Branches)
  • Overseas Remittance Sdn Bhd (Malaysia, 3 Branches)
  • EZ Money Express Sdn Bhd (Malaysia, 10 Branches)
  • Pinoy Pinay Services Ltd (Israel)
  • RAFFLES FOREX PTY LTD (Melbourne - Australia)
  • EZ Money Express Australia Pty Ltd (Perth - Australia)
  • Wealthgate International Trading Pte Ltd
  • Brunphil Express(S) Pte Ltd
  • J-Dee Remittance Services Pte Ltd
  • Nai Nguan Remittance Service Pte Ltd
  • Xin Zhong Remittance Pte Ltd
  • Thaithanawat Pte Ltd